Website Compliance

Web Content Analysis and Intervention

In today’s digital economy, your presence on the internet is an important asset, no different from any of the traditional assets your company owns. Your brand, products, inventory, real property, and market share are all assets which are expected to yield a return on your company’s initial and ongoing investment.

As such, all Internet expenditures for a website must be set up and managed methodically with great attention to detail. Convergent1 offers comprehensive technical management of website compliance using W3C as the standard benchmark.

Website Optimization of Coding and Design

Convergent1 takes care of all aspects of compliance which affect appearance and performance:
• Content Management Systems (CMS, i.e. WordPress, Joomla, etc.)
• Design and performance of landing pages
• Design and performance of website
• E-commerce Database
• Google Algorithm requests and requirements
• GT Metrix page load speeds
• SEO (search engine optimization) standards
• W3C standards

The Finer Details of Web Design: Page Load Speed & W3C

Every Convergent1 built website goes through a rigorous audit, as does any site turned over to us for redesign or repair. We make sure all the underlying mechanics of your website are built, coded and operating properly for Google standards, industry page load standards, and a user-friendly experience.

The Convergent1 audit addresses the fine details in many areas that are extremely important factors, yet often downplayed, ignored, missed or overlooked. The website optimization conducted applies to all websites managed by us, including a variety of audits and associated corrections.

Our page load speed audit and corrections assure a page speed grade of “A” and a YSlow grade of “B” as minimums. Page load speed management is often overlooked, but imperative. At Convergent1, we know that optimal page load speed is vital to the experience of every user as well as to how your website is ranked and rated by Google. So, since Convergent1 understands the importance of page load speed management, knows how to provide website optimization to continually check the speed load performance, and delivers optimization for all aspects of your digital presence, you get to enjoy increased traffic to and conversions on your website.

Our W3C code audit enables us to identify and repair any errors or warnings of the newest industry standards regarding code so that your website is current with industry standards. No one single audit or fix contains all the answers by themselves for all scenarios, however, each is important and together these website optimization services make a highly significant contribution to your Internet Presence and the improvement of your business performance.

Strategies and goals can be analyzed and formulated with demographic and other statistics being taken into consideration.

As a leading Houston, TX SEO web design and development company, Convergent1 provides effective setup service. We also have the capability to set up a dedicated server, and provides expert and comprehensive web design and optimization services.

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