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LeadCopia: Online Lead Generation

visitor conversion lead generation tool from Convergent1 Houston TXLeadCopia offers multiple opportunities for lead generation (qualified leads that have expressed interest inĀ your business and products/services). Further, the Convergent1 designed and developed LeadCopia works to convert prospects into customers, collect demographic information in a non-invasive manner, offer visitors an immediately rewarding interaction, and more.

Qualified Leads Convert to Sales

Conversion marketing describes marketing designed to converting a visitor who browses your site or lands on your landing page into a paying customer. This form of lead generation is most successful and most respectable when done in a non-invasive manner. Convergent1 has mastered this concept and developed highly effective and successful proprietary techniques and tools with this approach.

Convergent1 specializes in improving landing page conversion, targeted web traffic conversion and/or increase E-commerce conversion rate through specialized marketing designed to encourage a potential customer or an existing customer to take a specific action, which in turn boosts your lead generation efforts. The percentage of visitors who take the desired action becomes your conversion rate.

Convergent1 designs and redesigns websites that convert. Conversion increase is based on design and marketing which includes properly worded content of the proper length. Convergent1 had developed LeadCopia not to stand alone; but to be furthered.

The design and content with which it is associated is meant to be built upon in order to finish what the marketing has begun. So, we developed B2B Lead Generation, a re-marketing campaign, which may include such tools as Adwords, Email or Google search re-marketing.

Convergent1 Conversion Management Services: Re-targeting Web Leads and Statistical Analysis

Once a visitor has left your website or landing page, whether they are a customer who has made another purchase or not, and whether they are a prospect who has converted into a customer or not, communication is not dead.

Convergent1 has specially developed lead generation tools and techniques to reach these individuals and businesses in a non-invasive and professional manner which encourage first sales or more sales as appropriate for the situation.

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