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Video Presentation is the Fastest Growing Trend on the Internet

video production services for online marketing from convergent1 in houston txWe offer a full range of production services including online video productions to improve your over-all internet experience. Also, building a powerful video library will be useful not only on your website, but throughout all social media, email marketing and use with any traditional advertising.

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Tell A Story in Seconds: Seconds are Highly Valuable on the Internet

An essential component of your Internet Presence Management, video (animation, motion graphics, narration graphics and video imagery) is a powerful tool used to convey a company’s brand, message, product, and services. Video is growing dramatically as a popular addition to websites, landing pages, and social media. Statistics show that people prefer video communication over printed text. Why? Because video conveys messages twice as fast as reading, plus an individual can multi-task while listening and watching a video, which is not possible when reading.

A Variety Of Effective Video Productions

There are a wide range of even further website video production techniques that can be produced for use as website videos as well as other online marketing venues:

• Case Study Videos
• Event / Exhibition Videos
• Foreign Language Videos
• Product Demo Videos
• Promotional Videos
• Testimonial Videos
• Training Videos
• Viral Videos
• Website Videos

Any online marketing companies worth the money you pay must give you results that come from multi-faceted internet marketing strategies. Website video production is an essential component of your Internet Presence and online marketing strategies that your consultant should be discussing with you.

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