Track Copia

Traffic Identification & Tracking

trackcopia traffic identification and tracking tool by Convergent1 from Houston TXConvergent1 developed Track Copia so that users could get more results from the traffic visiting their website.  Specifically, Track Copia’s unique and powerful programming will accomplish two primary objectives.

1)      Identify Visitors and Provide Vital Information

This tools segregates website visitors into three categories:

  • Human visitors that are identified by location, company name with names of key personnel at that location, important email addresses and phone numbers.  In some cases, the visitor’s company history, revenue estimates and other key data is available.
  • Human visitors that cannot be identified can be tracked providing valuable insight about the website effectiveness so that improvements can be quickly implemented
  • Non-human visitors (web crawling robots) provided a very important role and should be tracked, monitored and encouraged.  Web crawling robots visit websites to evaluate content.  And the more often they visit a website the more likely the website will be optimized, improving search rank position.

2)      Track Visitors Every Move On Your Website

The background coding scripts in Track Copia are set to record a visitors every move.  Where ever a visitor moves their curser, clicks or interacts with website functionality, all is recorded for analysis.  Often, websites fail to deliver favorable results.  The company’s expectations fall short, and inaccurate conclusions are reached.  This can cause a company to make decisions or changes with marketing, advertising and even product design, delivery or formulation that are improper, all because of poor website performance.  The problem may be a simple matter of poor navigation flow, content arrangement, or user interface functionality problems.  Track Copia will reveal insights not otherwise available, which could keep companies from making costly mistakes from misguided analysis.

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