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Traditional (Offline) Marketing

Most digital marketing companies stop short of integrating their services with traditional marketing and advertising activities. At Convergent1 we believe that the merging of all marketing and advertising activities into a well-planned and organized system of strategies with specific performance guidelines and expectations is essential.

Convergent1 represents the merger of two leading marketing companies, from both areas of marketing, digital and traditional. The result is an improved level of performance and ROI.

Professional, Relevant and Strategic Marketing Collateral Material

Marketing collateral for offline marketing, with the proper design, will remind your clients and inform your potential clients that you are the one they really want to contact or recommend.

Today’s digital media society still has a need for materials that are basically the printed versions of your business products and/or services. They are absolutely essential to your branding and your marketing strategies. Their design must capture attention and interest while quickly and properly conveying your message and availability.

Face to face business interactions are far from gone. Also, marketing collateral can be very important in aiding you to sell your business products or services to your prospects in person, after the meeting has ended, and when something is printed off the Internet or picked up at a business conference, etc.

Your brand identity design, along with the content of your sales collateral, tells the story about your company mission and values. If your brochure, business card, sales sheet, and other collateral materials (including your letterhead) don’t carry the same branding, if they are unorganized, or if their design is not just right, your audience may have a negative thought about your entire company.

Marketing collateral must differ from the general sales advertising materials, even when temporarily part of a particular advertising campaign. The reason is because they should be developed with more of a “soft-sell” purpose in mind and to provide on-going PR for your company rather than for the purpose of generating immediate sales.

Branding design, or brand identity design, is part of marketing collateral designed for marketing strategies which include the following:

• Book Design
• Brochure Design
• Direct Mail Design
• Ebook Design
• Flyer Design
• Newsletter Design
• Packaging Design
• Press Release Design


Convergent1 Improves Your Brand Recognition

The promotional materials of a business serve as an extension of its brand. Your brand should communicate an organized representation of your business in which you can feel confident. Convergent1 specializes in designing powerful marketing collateral materials to convey your company’s image as well as promote interest, conversions and a positive reputation.

Traditional Advertising and Brand Management

Internet marketing and advertising is most effective when combined with traditional advertising. It is not possible to remove the importance of traditional advertising with most campaigns. As a result, and unlike most digital media companies that do not offer traditional advertising expertise, we offer experienced and capable assistance with traditional advertising campaigns.

Any debate regarding the efficiency or applicability of digital advertising vs. traditional advertising is not addressing the real issue. The real issue is not really a debate at all. The issue that needs to be addressed is, “How do we better engage customers today so that they are compelled to buy?” which is addressed in the referenced and hyperlinked article from the Huffington Post.

One of the Huffington Post points is that traditional advertising is morphing so it too gains a digital presence. How? Well, one example is the digitization of billboard advertising.

One of the points Convergent1 stresses is that business owners must look at their current customer base as well as their potential customer base and have a viable strategy to reach them all. Not just reach them, but engage them. Convergent1 partners with business owners and managers on a daily basis to build Internet Solutions that improve business performance.

Online marketing and traditional advertising services are a winning combination, and Convergent1 provides clients with the right strategies and the balance of marketing and advertising services for effective brand management.

Radio | TV | Cable | Outdoor | Print

Convergent1 offers all forms of traditional advertising services ranging from selecting the appropriate venues, creative development, production and placement.

Media Buy Management Control

Once a traditional ad campaign has been developed, placement within the selected venue requires skillful assistance. Media sellers offer “in-house” placement because it provides them control of selection and placement, in other words more profit.

Convergent1 offers a proven media buy and placement service designed to maximize effectiveness with improved management control.

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