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Social signals if nothing else help to saturate your brand across the web…
– Neil Patel

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Social Media Marketing can be a daunting and even confusing part of a company’s marketing and advertising strategies.  Most company’s question whether social media marketing is even appropriate for their company.  Convergent1 understands, monitors and manages all social media platforms and can help clients evaluate the role of social media for their company.

However, the rise and use of social media throughout the world is undeniable and should not be ignored.  The best approach is to embrace and use it appropriately.  Convergent 1 offers five specific social media marketing services.

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Social Media Page Design

Each social media platform has different tools for building an attractive and interactive front end presentation.   Convergent1 builds an appropriate design with functionality for each page of the social media utilized by the client.

Content Management

Convergent1 offers varying levels of content management of all social media for clients.  Ranging from full management and control to a minimal support level for the client’s internal staff members, Convergent1 can help make social media marketing easy, consistent and most importantly, effective.


Posting Management

All social media offers ways for people and companies to become engaged in the conversation that exists within social networks.  This activity requires the development of content that will be posted to the relevant social network.  Convergent1 offers various levels of posting management services based on the client’s particular participation requirements.



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Participating with social media will invariably lead to the development of reciprocal communication with others, either private individuals, or people inside various kinds of organizations that desire a social network connection with the client’s company.  Convergent1 offers social network growth services designed to expand the client’s online social media presence through links with others.  Whether it’s increasing FANS, FOLLOWERS, LIKES, CIRCLES or CONNECTIONS, Convergent1 will help clients achieve an effective and useful social media marketing presence.


Chat Intervention Marketing

Convergent1 has developed a proprietary system for capturing Chat, Tweet, Post exchanges (“Chat Activity”) between people or companies that are highly relevant to a client’s social media marketing strategies.  The Convergent1 Social Copia system casts a wide digital net over a specific geo targeted footprint (local area, city, region, or vast geographic territory) looking to capture relevant traffic.  After scrubbing the captured Chat Activity, relevant exchanges are identified.

The next step is to introduce something important from the client to the highly relevant Chat Activity.  There are multiple methods available for introducing the client.  The Convergent1 Social Media Marketing team develops the methods and strategies with the client and monitors the effectiveness of the campaign.


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