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First, Your Website Must Be Found: Achieving a Page 1 Rank Position

Your website must have the benefit of Google search engine optimization to show up on the first page of search engine results…where it absolutely needs to be.

An important factor to consider is that less than 10% of people searching actually look beyond the results of the first page, and many companies are overlooked and missed because their company was not listed on the first page. If your company doesn’t show up on the first page when your potential customers are searching, then the majority of people searching for your product or service will simply never find you.

Achieving a page 1 rank position requires specific and deliberate actions conducted by trained IPM and SEO consultants on a consistent basis over time.

SEO services are a cyclical process, requiring a constant review of key marketing components as they are applied to search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo), all of whom utilize highly sophisticated algorithms to determine which companies are included on the first page returned by relevant keyword searches.

Second, Your Website Has to Look Great

This has everything to do with proper design; however, the look of your website needs to be maintained and evolved beyond the design and launch of the website.

Third, Content Is King

The content on your website must be fresh, relevant and engaging which means it must be tweaked and updated regularly.

Fourth, Constant Re-Evaluation

Without the constant re-evaluation of not only content, but also your goals, traffic patterns, and relevant keywords by a team of professional SEO consultants, you may be missing out on the larger picture which consists of not only how people getting to your site and how it looks when they get there, but what are they doing once they are there.

Fifth, Technological Aspects

Search Engine Optimization consultants know that the technological aspects that run and support the site as well as transmit messages to various places on the Internet must be regularly checked, evaluated, and corrected as necessary (including coding, incoming and outgoing hyperlinks, video play, contact form submissions, and more).

Getting On The 1st Page of Google

Convergent1 is comprised of well-established professionals who provide consistent evaluations on a regularly scheduled basis, established according to the size and scope of each campaign. Also, our professionals also provide the digital solutions to improve your business performance.

Don’t just take our word for it, review work we have done and results we have obtained for our clients and their comments.

For a review of how our Internet Presence Management system, including SEO can make your internet marketing strategies more effective, schedule an initial analysis or to set up a meeting to learn how we can optimize the search engine experience of visitors looking for your website (whether they know they are looking for it or not).

Our analysts are available right now online through our Scheduling Desk or during business hours at 713.690.0707. You can also simply submit our Contact Form.

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