Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing:  Increasingly Comprehensive and Intricate

Search Engine Marketing is becoming so comprehensive and intricate that it is increasingly time consuming to manage with each passing day. After all, why should this aspect of the digital world we live in be any easier to master than any other aspect?

Your business listed in local directories and advertised on local portals can be an effective component of a comprehensive online marketing strategy that includes search engine marketing, which provides a solid ROI. Pages ranking well in relevant search results on Google are great places to be listed.

Relevant web communities or web listings for broader queries about your field or location can be valuable. For instance, if your local chamber of commerce has a web page that provides listings, don’t overlook the possibility for value there, and the same with your local Better Business Bureau.

There are many marketing strategies and venues and no one component is the answer in and of itself. All possible internet marketing strategies in established and developing venues are available independently or as a suite of bundled services.

Visibility: Your Presence on the Internet is Imperative

All successful online marketing actions and solutions involve effective Internet Presence Management. For this reason, Convergent1 offers Search Engine Marketing (SEM) as part of our Internet Presence Management system.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) includes all forms of online advertising. Convergent1 Ads are designed to increase website traffic, convert web visitors and attract new customers from other online sources.

search engine marketing sem services by Convergent1 Houston TXSEM is becoming much more comprehensive, complicated, intricate and difficult to manage. Google and other search engines are constantly developing innovative new technologies that are rapidly entering the digital media arena and the results are providing new and exciting opportunities to reach more new customers. However, most companies and their marketing teams are simply just not capable of absorbing, initiating, managing or analyzing online marketing and advertising efficiently. As a result, their campaigns often fall short of the desired objective.

At first glance, all search engine marketing may seem simple and something that can be managed by the client’s staff. But the online marketing world quickly becomes a time consuming and a very challenging work requirement diverting staff from their primary responsibilities. And Google and other search engines don’t usually give the best placement to the company that bids the most. Instead they evaluate other factors, including the number of times the ad is clicked and the quality of the company’s website or landing page.

Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing (PPC): A Results-Based Marketing Strategy

PPC includes paid search engine marketing at a cost per click (CPC), paid listings, or sponsored links. PPC marketing is a results-based marketing strategy that is a “use-based” cost model that clients only pay when people “click” on your information.

PPC Advantages can include:
• Cost-effectiveness – ad budgets are utilized when customers visits your site
• Day 1 Results – PPC listings go into effect immediately
• Flexibility – sponsored link advertising can be utilized when necessary during the campaign
• Focused advertising – keywords and keyword phrases bring potential customers to your site
• Immediate exposure – ad placement on the first page of search results

Display & Banner Advertising Can Be Placed in Various Forums on the Internet

We place your display or banner ad on thousands of quality websites, and we use geo-targeting and re-marketing techniques to find your customers whenever they are online. Plus, our search engine marketing analysts methodically and intelligently analyze your campaign over time further enhancing your marketing strategies so that your ad budget is utilized for the most cost-effective method of bringing people to your business.

It’s very critical that PPC campaigns are managed by online marketing companies that know what the search engines are looking for and how to maximize the effectiveness of a paid search campaign so that it improves the performance of your business.

Identifying the Best Internet Advertising Options: Convergent1 Has a Team that Understands

As you can see, and probably already knew to some degree, there are many forms of online marketing strategies available to you.

We are professionals in online marketing. Our Houston based search engine marketing company offers advertising solutions with online marketing strategies that address each channel of opportunity to improve your business performance.

When you select Convergent1 over other online marketing companies, one of the advantages you gain is that you employ an entire team of professionals. Each Convergent1 search engine marketing consultant participates in helping our clients select the channel best suited for their revenue objectives.

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