ReviewCopia: Online Reputation Management

ReviewCopia: Proprietary Digital Reputation Management

ReviewCopia offers several proprietary Digital Reputation Management tools which provide unique solutions for the first time. These Reputation Management tools incorporate new and sophisticated internet marketing strategies to prevent negative reviews from being published on the internet in the first place.

This is accomplished through engaging the customer or patient at the point of service in a non-invasive manner which allows you to:

• Gain immediate insight into their point of view

• Encourage and promote the posting of positive reviews online

• Provide an opportunity to vent, be heard, and become satisfied

• Provide immediate intervention to deescalate the situation

• Analyze your company’s behaviors, policies, and procedures

• Receive an alert each time you or your business is mentioned on the internet in a blog, in the news, or on a review site (by way of advertisement, discussion, reference, slur or recommendation)

• Increase awareness, perception, website traffic, and revenue

Convergent1 is a very comprehensive internet reputation management company based in Houston, TX yet manages reputations globally.

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