Responsive Web Design

The New Sheriff in Web Development Town

Responsive Web Design is the new standard for multi-platform optimization and is rapidly increasing in demand. RWD has surpassed Mobile Web Development in demand on the heels of mobile web development separating itself from web development for desktop and laptop computers. Convergent1’s Responsive Web Design services are different than website development services for desktops, laptops or mobile devices because our RWD conquers all three platforms at once, not separately.

Liquid Response: Switching the Orientation of the Screen

Mobile phones and tablets are made with hardware that have some varying characteristics than the hardware in desktops or laptops (even though many can be used wirelessly). One of the major factors is that the screens have smaller dimensions. In addition, there is the feature of automatically switching the orientation of the screen from portrait modes and landscape mode when the device is rotated. By utilizing liquid layouts, we can ensure that no matter orientation your visitor chooses, you will be able to disseminate your information to them as efficiently as possible.

Further considerations include possibly having a touch screen for user input and the fact that APIs (i.e. geo-location or orientation) are usually not supported on desktops. Also, these APIs have the ability, with the proper mobile website development technology and expertise, to give mobile users new ways to interact with your mobile website.

Google, Firefox, Android, iOS and cross-browser compatibility are yet further considerations for online marketing strategies to help you improve business performance through these venues. Responsive Web Design ensures the use of an entirely new set of techniques that enable your web site to adapt its layout, quickly, whenever its viewing environment changes; specifically the size and the orientation of the screen being viewed.

Fluid CSS layouts can be utilized to make your web pages adapt smoothly as the size of the browser window changes as does the use of media queries to temporarily include certain rules appropriate for adapting to the device screen width and height. There is a variable called a viewport Meta tag which instructs the browser to display your site at the appropriately scaled size for the user’s device. These are just a few of the considerations Convergent1 takes when strategizing your online presence.

If it looks like a lot to consider, that’s because it is. And, there is much more. Contact us for further details.

Responsive Web Design Testing: Multiple Browsers Utilized During Development

RWD starts with the web design itself; however, for developing a responsive website, you will do well to utilize development services of thorough professionals who know cross platform development techniques applicable to the full array of device sizes, as well as are experienced in designing and developing optimized websites.

For example, testing your web site on multiple browsers, like iOS and Android has to be a standard. However, we don’t stop there, as we include Safari using the iOS simulator and testing Opera and Firefox using the Android SDK.

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