Responsive Web Design

Does Your Website Morph?


What Responsive Web Design is and Why Your Business Needs It

With over half of all internet searches done by mobile devices and growing, it is more essential than ever that businesses in all industries have web designs that are responsive to everything from mobile devices to desktops with huge monitors.

A report by Forrester research shows that mobile conversions rates (sale, call, contact, etc.) are significantly lower due mostly to the failure of businesses to understand the importance of mobile and responsive web design to give them a relevant and contextualized visit.

Mobile Website and Responsive Web Design Houston

With the number of calls being driven to businesses by mobile website search is growing at 42% per annum and predicted to account for a staggering 65 billion calls in 2016, it isn’t difficult to see that businesses need to tailor their websites for mobile devices while maintaining a traditional one. The most efficient way to do both is by utilizing responsive web design to seamlessly transition to a site that is compatible with all devices.

At Convergent1, we specialize in this type of responsive web design to develop the best solutions the industry has to offer. If you are looking for Houston website design, contact us today for a consultation on how we can help you. If you want to read about the latest development in mobile websites, check out Mashable. For the latest facts and figures to help you determine the importance of responsive web design, visit MobiThinking.

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