Whiteboard Videos

What is a whiteboard video?

Whiteboard videos are a type of animation that conveys a message by telling a story through a process using a storyboard with pictures.

The pictures are drawn on a whiteboard (or at least something that resembles a whiteboard) by an artist and shows (to enough of a degree too get the image across clearly) the artist themselves in the process of creating or drawing their artwork.

Actual animation is not often used exclusively, but is sometimes incorporated into the process. Whiteboard videos mostly have a time-lapse or stop-motion outcome in their appearance to the viewer.

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What is the purpose of a whiteboard video?

As with any type of advertisement, the purpose of a whiteboard video is to CAPTURE ATTENTION of potential customer, employees or students.

In business, your potential customers are people…your audience…who watch and want videos. The same is true of students you may be teaching or employees you may be training.

How do we know people want videos?

Following is a small example of how we know this to be true.

One of the leaders in data measurement in our digital world, comScore, released data showing that in 2011, 85.3 percent of the U.S. Internet audience viewed online videos which totaled 43.5 billion viewed. Additionally, close to 200 million U.S. Internet users watched online video for an average of over 20 hours per viewer per month.

Alexa, a well-known leading provider of free web metrics on a global level, shows in March 2014 that YouTube is the 3rd most viewed website in the United States and the world.

Where are whiteboard videos being used?

Whiteboard videos are seen mostly throughout the internet on YouTube, but popularity on TV (who has not seen the UPS Whiteboard Commercials?), Vimeo and other sources are growing.

The whiteboard video technique is being used to advertise or demonstrate new products or services (on websites, TV, YouTube and more) as well as to teach company policies and procedures.

Whiteboard videos are increasing in use for educational purposes as well, such as teaching languages or being used to review chapter summaries for educational textbooks.

Should I consider a Whiteboard video?

This technology is truly a way to create engaging and unique animated videos quickly and easily.

When you have Convergent1 create and produce a whiteboard video for you, the utilization of cutting edge technology is yours. You are giving your target audience what they want (a video) and empowering yourself to bring an impact to your message you otherwise would not possess.

People do tend to get bored fast these days. You can address even complex stuff like facts and figures with a whiteboard presentation and not lose your audience. Why? The reason is because whiteboard videos appear more personal than traditional advertisements. And, they have a different and captivating way to explain concepts, information, products, requirements, or services via the modality people want: video.

You can create an amazing advertisement, infomercial, or instructional talk. And, you can add a visual to your talk or story perhaps by bring illustrations to life or showing text as well as a wide variety of techniques to keep your audience captivated.

The Convergent1 objective is to improve the business performance of each of our client’s Internet investment. With a professional whiteboard video in today’s digital world which has an emphasis on videos and Internet Presence, you can expect a good return.

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