Overall Reputation Management

With overall reputation management, any company with an online presence, whether a website, blog, social media or activity email campaigns, a “Digital Imprint” or presence is formed. Over time their digital presence grows into an entity all it’s own.  Through this process, the content forming the digital presence is under the control of the individual or company placing it online, which is why reputation management is so important.

overall reputation management services from Convergent1 in Houston TXHowever, content about the company can also appear online from sources outside the control of the individual or company.  This is referred to as “Digital Shadows”.  Digital Shadows can be positive or negative.  And Digital Shadows affect all types of business whether B to B or B to C forms of business activity.

Convergent1 offers a comprehensive reputation management service designed to help client’s protect both, their Digital Imprint and Digital Shadow.


Point of Service Reputation Control

Convergent1 offers it’s ReviewCopia program to capture customer satisfaction immediately, at the point of service.  This capability provides clients with instant customer satisfaction data helping to keep quality under control.


Online Reputation Management

Convergent1 offers services designed to repair online reputation problems, improve reputations and correct issues that could impact the client’s online reputation. Whether referred to as Business Reputation Management, Digital Reputation Management, Internet Reputation Management, Online Reputation Management, Search Engine Reputation Management or Web Reputation Management – Convergent1 has the reputation management solution for you.


Quality Assurance Control

Convergent1 offers clients a simple and powerful way to evaluate the quality of their product, service or reputation through direct customer contact surveys.  The information gathered is private and useful for determining ways to improve the client’s business performance through effective reputation management.

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