Web Metrics Reporting

Real Time Web Metrics Reporting

web metrics reporting services from Convergent1 in Houston TXConvergent1 offers its IPM Reports feature enabling clients to view a fully customized web metrics reporting approach for any of its services, and it’s simple.  Clients login to their unique account and view reports, many in real time, designed exactly as the client requested. These reports can include generic audience overviews for web traffic, landing page statistics, and more. Also, we offer the ability to track the wellness of SEO efforts by viewing a real time update of keyword rankings.


Quarterly Performance Evaluation Reporting

When clients engaged Convergent1 for ongoing services, additional web metrics reporting is implemented that include a wide range of in-depth reporting including the following:

1)      Retrospective analysis

2)      Campaign planning

3)      ROI Review and Management

At the conclusion of any three month period, or Trimester, Convergent1’s senior executives meet with the client and present its Quarter Performance Evaluation Report.  Clients are kept fully informed as to all details about the web metrics services provided by Convergent1.


Google Analytics

Convergent1 utilizes all of the web metrics tools available from Google.  One of the more important tools is its Analytics program.  Most companies fail to either use Google Analytics or use it incorrectly.  As a Google focused company, Convergent1 will implement the “best practice” approach for using Google Analytics for all clients. We offer the ability to view google analytics through specified access directly into the GA account, or view our easy to use, all in one portal at IPMReports.com.

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