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Your Online Marketing Campaigns Should Go Beyond Just Pushing Ads Out

online-marketing-houston-convergent1Online Marketing Ads are an important part of the strategic equation, just as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing are. However, no one component should be the sole focus. Instead, focus needs to be on building a community of individuals who are in tune with your message.

You have to:
• Engage & Interact with visitors
• Listen & Understand their concerns
• Analyze their needs and wants

Search Engine Marketing: An Online Marketing Strategy Designed to Increase Website Traffic

Online marketing strategies should be designed to increase website traffic by attracting new customers from various online sources.

When it comes to driving traffic to your website, search engines are king. Being found through Google, as well as Bing and Yahoo! to some degree, can mean the difference between making a sale and falling by the wayside.

For this reason, Convergent1 (as one of the premiere online marketing companies in Houston) offers the following collection of marketing and advertising strategies we refer to as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) as part of our Internet Presence Management program.

These techniques include:
• Banner ads
• Blogging
• Conversion Marketing
• Digital Press Release
• Display ads
• Email Marketing
• Marketing
• Mobile Text marketing
• Pay Per Click (PPC) text ads for impact
• Search Engine Marketing
• Convergent1 Unique Proprietary Advertising Technologies
• Social Network Marketing
• Traditional Advertising
• Video Production

Once a visitor has arrived on your website or landing page, marketing and communication design on those pages must accurately identify what works for its target market.

Identifying the Best Online Advertising Campaign Options

We offer online advertising solutions that address each channel of opportunity and we help our clients select the channel best suited for their revenue objectives.

All Search Engine Advertising seems simple and something that can be managed by the client’s staff. However, the online marketing world quickly becomes a time consuming and a very challenging investment, diverting staff from their primary responsibilities. Also, Google and other search engines don’t usually give the best placement to the company that bids the most. Instead they evaluate other factors, including the number of times the ad is clicked and the quality of the company’s website or landing page.

It’s very critical that Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns are managed by companies that know what the search engines are looking for and how to maximize the effectiveness of a paid search campaign.

Improve Your Online Marketing Investment Now

improve-online-marketing-and-advertising-campaign-services-convergent1-Houston-TXOur company’s objective is to improve the performance of our client’s online marketing investment. In today’s digital economy, your presence on the internet is an important asset, no different from any of the traditional assets your company owns. Your brand, products, inventory, real property, and market share are all assets which are expected to yield a return on your company’s initial and ongoing investment. As such, all internet expenditures, whether for a website, unique landing pages, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media network development, traditional advertising or other forms of digital media, should be evaluated and assessed to achieve the optimum ROI.

We offer end to end solutions that are available as needed by our clients. Whether we conduct an Internet presence evaluation and analysis, initiate a multi-faceted custom website development project, or apply any form of search engine marketing, all require innovation and implementation methodologies that are based on analysis of the client’s marketing and Internet presence.

Let us show you how we can improve the results of your Internet advertising.

Listening to Our Customers: A Cornerstone for Improvement

We believe a cornerstone for improving the performance of any Internet investment begins by listening closely to our customers. We take the time to thoroughly understand our client’s business, their customers, and their employees. We understand that our clients’ needs change so we emphasize continued communication with our existing clients in order to provide consistent and ever improving results.

Our Initial Consultation: Simply Submit Your Request for More Information

We will arrange to meet with you online or in person to provide an initial and Free assessment profile of your Internet presence. There is no obligation, but the information we will provide you will be highly valuable as you plan your company’s Internet marketing strategies.

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