MAP™ Steps to Success

MAP™ Steps to Success?

Convergent1 uses proven methodology to ensure the most efficient and effective approach to your company’s branding including:

Step 1: Existing Content Review

Collect and analyze all appropriate existing marketing communications materials, web, collateral, presentations, research, etc.

Step 2: Set agenda/expectations for Marketing Action Planning session

Distribute agenda for meeting to all parties involved – usually includes 1-2 representatives from the following: senior management, marketing, sales, operations and research & development (in addition to the Convergent1 team).

Step 3: Conduct MAP session

Typically, a full-day offsite meeting, facilitated by Convergent1 which includes an open and productive dialogue on the following:

  • marketing action plan services from Convergent1 in Houston TXIntroductions – Who are we, and what do we do?
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Target Audience(s)
  • Customer Composition/Segmentation
  • Product Features/Benefits
  • Competition/Market Share
  • Objectives/Strategies/Tactics (Historical/Future)
  • Industry/Customer Perceptions & Messaging
  • Open Items, Perfect-World Scenario Discussion

Step 4: Follow-ups

Throughout the day, there will likely be assignments for individuals for follow-up that might result from the meeting.

Step 5: Analysis and reporting

Convergent1 collects, analyzes, organizes and interprets everything that was discussed during the MAP Session.

Step 6: Present MAP findings and recommendations

A formal report will be presented.

MAP Program Deliverables

Marketing Communications Calendar & Implementation Plan
Includes stated objectives, recommended strategies, and tactical recommendations linked to an implementation calendar and budget ranges.

Target Audience Definition/Customer Segmentation
Includes a snapshot of current customer composition and recommended target audience definitions for future marketing communications efforts.

Brand Strategy
Includes the interpretation of existing state of the brand, current market position relative to competition and the message platform supporting the company value proposition. Specifically, this deliverable includes:

  • Define brand as it relates to attributes valued by customers
  • Define company’s current position(s) relative to competition and segments
  • Develop marketing strategies to enhance brand in desired position
  • Develop a message platform supportive of value proposition for each segment

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