Internet Presence Management

Your Internet Presence is a Crucial Investment

You should constantly cultivate, nurture and improve it…

Convergent1 defines Internet Presence as the sum of your company’s entire representation on the internet. Information about your company originates from two sources; what you placed online, and what others placed online, with or without your authorization. Information sources include websites, web landing pages, web apps, social media, directories, blogs, videos, press releases, news agency websites and all forms of digital advertising or search engine optimization. Bottom line, anything about your company online constitutes your Internet Presence. Therefore, an Internet Presence managed wisely by multi-faceted, custom Internet Presence Management professionals is a great asset to your business. You are sure to see a return on your company’s most crucial investment: your ongoing Internet Presence.

Internet Presence (IP) is described by industry leaders as a combination of your digital presence – what you promote and say about your business on the internet; and your digital shadow – what others say about your business on the internet. Your website, as well as everywhere your business is referenced, is collectively known as your Internet Presence, which is without a doubt one of your most valuable assets. You should constantly cultivate, nurture and improve it with professional Internet Presence Management (IPM). Your success depends on it.

Internet Presence Management:
Tomorrow’s Complete Solution

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Internet Solutions that Improve Business Performance

Convergent1 experts take complete care of your Internet Presence Management, which you may have heard or read referred to as digital presence, online reputation or web presence management. It is crucial and includes, but is much more than, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It encompasses the maximization and stabilization of website traffic and sales conversions.

The Evolution of The Internet Presence Management System from Convergent1

All sectors of the Internet have the potential to be connected in some way. All areas of the Internet can and should be connected with your website.

Websites feed other websites, news sites feed blogs, blogs feed Social Media, and Social Media helps fuel consumer awareness. Websites, news sites, blogs, Social Media, and consumers all connect to your website when you implement effective Internet Presence Management.

For this reason, Convergent1 has developed the Internet Presence Management (IPM) system – the first of its kind. IPM is a new and powerful comprehensive service designed to cut through the challenges associated with using the internet to acquire new customers by initiating a series of advertising management methodologies designed to maximize the potential of your Internet Presence.

Convergent1 has developed the concept of IPM as an umbrella idea that covers all aspects of your company’s online persona. As with any advertising strategy, a unified, concentrated message is the most effective. Yet many businesses do not apply this to their online advertising or marketing. Furthermore, SEO and SEM are only a part of that picture.

Convergent1 applies this concept to all aspects of SEO and SEM, and we carry it through on every channel so that you, our client, can reap the benefits of a well-coordinated, multi-level marketing plan.

We are pioneers in the area of providing complete, comprehensive and strategically aligned Internet Presence Management Services. Explore the solutions we can provide you that can improve your business performance. Let us show you how our unified approach to your company’s online persona can benefit you.

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