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The internet, and all of the technologies associated, make it possible to track, plan, measure and analyze information in ways not possible a mere few years ago. Convergent1 offers clients a wide range of analytical tools designed to improve their online internet presence.

Industry Leading & Proprietary Web Analytic Technologies

All clients benefit from our Google Analytics, Track Copia and C1 Web audit tools. We develop key data indicators for each client’s specific and unique on line presence needs. We audit, track, measure and interpret critical metrics to improve Internet marketing effectiveness, search engine optimization and visitor conversion activity. The suite of analytic tools we use reveal important data metrics, inlcuding:

  • Evaluate web crawler frequency
  • HTML code efficiency
  • Which search engines are generate the most traffic
  • Which keywords are working best to produce traffic
  • Identify specific company names, email and phone numbers of visitors*
  • Identify the best performing geo-footprints
  • Evaluate the pages are working best on your website
  • Identify unproductive pages on your website
  • Evaluate how visitors surf around your site
  • Which calls-to-action are converting the best
  • Insights about your paid advertising campaigns
  • How email campaigns perform
  • Details about shopper habits in the checkout process

Gathering, analyzing and developing strategies, based on our audits, analytic tools and analysis is the place we start.

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