How Strong Is Your Brand?

Determining Your Brand Value


The value of your Brand has never been more important.

Your brand name evokes an inherent value; finding a way to reliably measure that value is crucial in determining product and service development, promotion strategies, communication methods, cost to customers, and much more. Convergent1 has developed a web-based application called the Brand Arc Analysis which algorithmically determines the value of your brand based upon your non-biased response to six simple questions.

Your brand must tell a story. Marketing is not about pointing out features and benefits, but rather celebrating the benefits in a way in which it affects and impacts the lives of others. By making the customer feel like the celebrity of your brand, you make an emotional impact on them. This emotional connection is in direct proportion to the social impact of your purpose, which is in direct proportion to the success of your business.

Find out how your company measures up by taking the Brand Arc Analysis today. Once you have submitted your answers you will receive an immediate email response revealing how strong and valuable your Brand is in the marketplace.

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Internet Presence Audit

The Internet has empowered consumers to find information themselves. This is where “inbound” marketing has its impact and why Convergent1 incorporated Internet Presence Audits for our prospective clients. This tool assesses the strength of a company’s online presence. By having an appropriate online presence, business are putting themselves in a position to access this new stream of customers that they otherwise would have missed out on. When someone does a search online you want your business to be right there at the top of the list, where you are more likely to get their attention. Take a moment and request your Internet Presence Audit today!

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