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What Are Display ads?

Traditional print advertising includes direct mail (i.e. brochures), magazines and newspaper ads. Display ads are the ones which may appear on any page throughout one of these publications. Classified ads are different because they can’t appear anywhere – they have their own section of a publication. Display ads are seen commonly in the Yellow Pages as well as online to attract customers.

Display ads differ again from classified ads in that they are most often are delineated with either thin or thick lines that frame the ads. The result is a resemblance to a business card or postcard when the display ad is in a magazine or newspaper though they are usually a half-page or a full-page in size.

Display Ads on the internet are images. Display ads are often referred to as banners or banner ads. They can be made to appear in various standardized ad sizes and can include text and logos. Recently, rich media has been added to the list of what a display ad can include. Basically, rich media is a fairly new term that refers to the use of advanced technology in an internet ad such as a movie scene being streamed.


Display Ad Headlines

The headline tends to be the most important part of a display ad.  It is estimated that as much as five times the number of people read the headline of a display ad vs. other parts of the ad.

Headlines must be the product of careful thought in order to attract the attention of certain people (the target audience or qualified potential customers) in sufficient numbers.


Display Ad Features

Other features of a display ad include the body (often called the ad copy) and the contact information. Benefits or features of the message or purpose of the ads are a better choice than any alternative.

Contact information can include a phone number, an address and a website or landing page.


Purpose and Dominance of the Display Ad

The display ad is meant to obtain qualified leads or actual sales as well as to increase website traffic.

Display ads not only dominate magazines and newspapers, but other advertising media as well. In fact, banners, billboards, floor signs, vehicles, and websites display ads almost exclusively.

It may sound straight forward and easy; and, rightfully so as the purpose is straight forward and easy. But, for the inexperienced – mistakes and oversights are common.  The lack of results can be financially as well as emotionally and mentally draining and frustrating. Especially in today’s highly competitive digital world of technology where time is of the essence and tradition still has its place.

Our world is blended: people still read print magazines, but magazines are read online, as well. Some people want to read details, some want the highlights. Internet display advertising has guidelines that must be fit into.



Clever business owners leverage marketing efforts by incorporating similar design elements into their entire Internet Presence, including all advertising whether a display ad, a landing page or a website. And, the consistency transcends their product packaging, signage and so forth.

Such consistently, not necessarily everything being 100% identical, helps build your brand and your company image.

Most advertising must have a consistent and repetitive element. Changing the look of your display ads too much may confuse prospective customers or cause them to miss the connection between the ad and your company, product and/or service.

Did we just describe branding? Yes, we’re Convergent1. We incorporate the concept and industry best practices of branding into the world of NexGen Marketing along with display advertising and much more. Why? At Convergent1 we don’t miss a beat.


Convergent1 and Display Ads

We understand that components such as borders, color, content, graphic design, photography, typeface and more are integral parts of a display advertisement. We understand the internet buyer behavior and psychology as well as the purpose and psychology of display advertising in all marketing realms. We understand what it takes to run a small business as well as a global one.

Convergent1 is made up of professional advertising professionals and designers working with internet and smart device advertising professionals and designers. We are beyond the scope of those who only specialize in one or the other. We live and breathe in the NexGen Marketing world.

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