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google adwords ppc online marketing services from Convergent1 in Houston TXGoogle AdWords is service of Google on the internet that places advertisements above, underneath or beside the results Google shows on a Search engine Results page (SERP) for any given search query. Google Adwords offers circulation of your ads on local as well as national and even international distribution levels.

This is a source of revenue for Google that is steadily growing because it works for the customers that understand how to utilize the program. It works for them just like it does for Google: by increasing revenue.

The program works partially on a Google proprietary determination which includes the relevance of the search query to the particular advertisement.  There are strict guidelines regarding content, the number of characters in the content, the message the content conveys, and much more.

Those that do not know their way around the program find themselves either having advertisement after advertisement rejected or having no results from the money they spend. Then they stop their campaigns with a loss.

Those that do know their way around the program, or have an expert consultant who does, find themselves reaching more potential customers, increasing traffic to their website, adding to their data base of contact information, and increasing their sales as well as growth.

The Google Adwords program is one of the methods of advertising that Convergent1 knows inside and out. It is one of the currently hottest and successful tools of technology in the advertising sector that Convergent1 utilizes in conjunction with traditional advertising methods in our proprietary B2B NexGen marketing.  Convergent1 increases the business performance our clients through maximizing their Internet Presence.

Many people wonder if businesses are actually paying for Google Adwords services. Please understand that the main source of Google’s revenue is now Adwords and it is growing tremendously. Google’s SEC filings reveal that in 2011, their total advertising revenues were over $36 billion, in 2012 they were over $43 billion and in 2013 they were over $50 billion.

Yes, Google’s profits are doing great. But, so are the results for customers who pay professionals to advertise through the Google’s Adwords program or the revenues would not look like they do.

Google AdWords offers several options including the option to pay a certain amount for each individual click. Known as pay-per-click (PPC), or sometimes cost-per-click (CPC) advertising, PPC involves a bidding process resulting in paying a certain amount for each click your advertisements attain.

Bidding campaigns generally involve setting a maximum cost -per-click bid which equates to the highest amount you’re willing to pay for a click on your advertisement. There are other avenues which can be pursued such as setting certain bid adjustments or enhancements which can also be discussed for appropriateness.

Your maximum cost -per-click is the most you’ll typically be charged for each click; however, charges are often less – frequently much less.

There are also options to pay a set cost-per-thousand impressions which is often called cost-per-mille (CPM).


The paid advertising technique of pay per click marketing, commonly referred to as PPC, includes paid search engine marketing at a fixed cost per click, paid listings, and sponsored links. PPC marketing is a results-based marketing strategy that is a “use-based” cost model for which clients only pay when people “click” on your information.

PPC Advantages:

• Immediate exposure with day 1 results – ad placement on the first page of search results
• Focused advertising – keywords and keyword phrases bring potential customers to your site
• Flexibility – sponsored link advertising can be utilized when necessary during the campaign
• Cost-effectiveness – ad budgets are utilized when customers visits your site
At first glance, all search engine advertising may seem simple and something that can be managed by the client’s staff. But the online digital marketing world quickly becomes a time consuming and a very challenging work requirement diverting staff from their primary responsibilities. And Google and other search engines don’t usually give the best placement to the company that bids the most. Instead they evaluate other factors, including the number of times the ad is clicked and the quality of the company’s website or landing page.

google adwords ppc marketing services from Convergent1 in Houston TXIt’s very critical that PPC campaigns are managed by internet marketing companies that know what the search engines are looking for and how to maximize the effectiveness of a paid search campaign.

PPC has become a pricing model through which most search ads (and many contextual ad programs) are sold through.

It is important to know that PPC ads only charge the advertiser if and when a potential customer clicks on an ad.


Sponsored Text Ads

Other options for Google Adwords campaigns include ads which run across various components of Google’s network in the form of image ads (banner ads), mobile text ads, and in-page video ads.

And, another very popular option is the sponsored text ad.  These ads are short and consist basically of a single headline containing 25 characters.  The headline is followed by two additional text lines with the ability to each have 35 characters.


An Increasingly Complex Marketplace

AdWords campaigns, including PPC and Sponsored Text Ads, have become an increasingly complex marketplace. Convergent1 lives and breathes in this world of NexGen Marketing where we converge all tools and technology.

Google Adwords campaigns are one of the many tools we have mastered. Google is not the only one who can profit from Adwords. But, don’t go it alone. Contact Convergent1: We create, measure, and manage.

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