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Designing Your Email Marketing Campaign

Our team of designers will develop your email marketing campaign template with conversion effectiveness as a priority. Plus, you can test your subject lines for effectiveness, change images and implement a variety of Call to Action statements to continually improve results.

email marketing and newsletter advertising services by Convergent1 | Houston TXAre your email marketing campaigns effective? Are your customers responding to your email campaigns? By tracking all of the analytics, including open rates, click through rates and bounce rates, we measure the effectiveness of your email campaign that benefits sales, profits and customer loyalty.

We’ve learned that people usually purchase a product or service after weeks or months of considering their decision. If people are familiar with your brand at that time, they’ll be much more likely to choose your product or service over other companies. Informing people of special offers, new products or other news is very important and keeps your brand at the front of their consideration.

Convergent1 email marketing services include:
• Email Design
• Content Development
• Distribution
• Tracking
• Reporting and Results

Building a Customer, Patient or Referral Base: Convergent1 Email Marketing and Newsletter Service

Convergent1’s email marketing and newsletter services include the components above as well as creating informational content that generates interest. It also keeps visitors engaged by offering relevant and worthwhile information, creating themes, incorporating qualified lead generation techniques (i.e. offering weight loss newsletter to those who have expressed interest in weight loss on Facebook), incorporating referral generation from qualified referral sources (i.e. ophthalmologists sending newsletters to optometrists), and planning/coordinating special events.

Convergent1 email marketing solutions can be an effective component of your Internet Presence Management strategy that Convergent1 works to develop with you as a working plan to improve business performance.

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