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custom web design services from Convergent1 in Houston TXIn today’s digital media, your (hopefully) custom web design and Internet Presence is a vital part of your overall business success. Regardless of your business segment or industry, whether it be medical, dental, e-commerce or any other of the countless types available, the digital media of today’s economy require a professionally designed and visitor enhanced website.

As a result of the significant demand and requirements for websites, we offer a wide range of corporate online marketing solutions based on the unique and special aspects of each client that is designed to improve business performance.

Convergent1 offers expertise in advanced custom web design and development services. You can work with a professional web designer to customize and build your website. Simply choose a personalized web address or use your current domain name, and select one of our designs from our gallery or explain the vision that is in your head. We’ll work with you to build your custom web design to improve and maximize your Internet Presence.

Superior Internet Presence: Custom Web Design, or Re-Design; Built with Awareness

In addition to the proper visualization aspects and choices, in order to have a superior Internet Presence, your custom web design needs to be designed, or re-designed, with an awareness of:

  • Usability – how intuitively or easily your website components are navigated and processed (including flow, sequence, instructions and download time)
  • Functionality – how useful the features of your website components are regarding being able to support a given task (including frequently asked questions, navigation, interactive simulations, quizzes, site map navigation, and search or search engine functions)
  • Accessibility – how compliant with guidelines and accommodating your website is for users with certain disabilities, with the incorporation of techniques and tools that help users access your site in alternative formats and provide increased functionality; if not addressed, it will negatively influence the experience of some users as well as negatively affect search engine results concerning your website and business
  • Code Quality – how compliant your website conforms to W3C web design and coding standards (W3C is the acronym for The World Wide Web Consortium which is the widely recognized main international standards organization for the World Wide Web); conforming to standards is not only best-practice, but can help to ensure the correct layout of pages for readability and to make sure coded elements are appropriately organized and closed

Additionally, we will conduct a W3C code audit and repair any errors or warnings so that your website is current with industry standards.

Effective Landing Page Design Will Improve Business Performance

Landing page design should have a uniqueness in their appearance, but not unique when compared to all your other Internet expenditures in that it should be evaluated and assessed to achieve the optimum ROI.

Effective landing pages will provide you improved business performance by increasing sales of services and/or products, building a fan-base which includes acquisition of emails for further promotional use in newsletters and/or promotions, and increased traffic to your website.

You have to strategically choose your target audiences and create landing pages accordingly, which must also have the properly worded content. Your target audiences may dictate that you design landing pages that are PPC, video or mobile device oriented. Either way, custom landing pages, complete with search engine optimization optimization, will bring you results.

End to End Solutions: Increase Online Promotions, Internet Traffic and Sales Conversions

Convergent1 offers end to end solutions that are available as needed by our clients. Whether we conduct an Internet Presence evaluation and analysis, initiate a multi-faceted custom website development project, or apply any form of search engine marketing, all require innovation and implementation methodologies that are based on analysis of the client’s marketing and Internet Presence.

Landing Page Creation: Get to the Point

custom web design and landing page services from Convergent1 in Houston TXMany people have short attention spans for many reasons including being very busy. Their interactions on the Internet are generally not an exception. If they don’t see what they are looking for right away, if their attention is not caught immediately, or if a form takes too long to find or to fill out – they are moving on.

Though online audiences have a tendency to avoid reading (and especially scrolling!) through an entire page of information, they will scan the screen visually to see if they can quickly find what they’re looking for. So, in landing page creation, designing with the intent of improving your business performance, it is imperative to get straight to the point.

Each visitor to your mobile landing page, PPC landing page, video landing page or any of your custom landing pages came to your the page for a reason. Therefore, Convergent1 makes sure you are addressing that reason clearly. We succinctly accomplish this by highlighting the value of what you are offering as well as how it addresses their interests as well as their needs and/or problems.

We create custom landing pages that are effective! The high importance of landing page optimization during the creation, development and implementation stages is always included in the recipe. Additionally, Convergent1 landing page performance is always tracked, analyzed and adjusted as necessary. These factors all contribute to why our pay per click landing pages achieve high success!

Dynamic Landing Pages and More: Convergent1 Website Support is Dramatic

Supporting your website and social media marketing can be dramatically improved and stabilized by introducing dynamic landing pages for key promotions, messages, or public relations purposes. Dynamic landing pages are commonly used to tie specific Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising messages with key “Call To Action” messages, seasonally or on a scheduled basis.

Additionally, Convergent1 can:

  • Develop a centralized hub to interact with your clients, prospects, or members
  • Increase conversion by leading visitors through a custom, online process cycle
  • Transition visitors to active customers
  • Streamline time consuming tasks by integrating interactive software with your website

There are numerous possibilities and the sooner your consultation, the sooner your results!

Convergent1 Landing Page Development Services: Make Sure You Are Ready for the Results

After we develop your landing page based on the design of your website, the traffic will be pouring in (if it were weather).

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