We create marketing solutions that improve business performance!

Here’s how…

When you hire Convergent1 for any project, we will initiate our proprietary M.A.P.™ program (Marketing Action Planning). Our MAP process will quickly establish the key elements necessary to improve your business performance.

marketing-action-planThe steps are simple but effective. Our MAP process is already put into motion by your first meeting with our team, with no obligation on your part. Early on we’re listening, gathering, analyzing and evaluating multiple criteria as you share the aspects of your company’s culture, goals and objectives. When hired, our initial exchange is swiftly elevated into the full analytic resources available from our MAP process. Your business objectives are then evaluated alongside all possible marketing and advertising options, both online and offline. As the MAP process continues, we establish key measurement protocols so that every time your organization makes an investment to improve business performance, the return on this investment is clear.

Most agencies, freelance operators or even talented people with a laptop can offer interesting creative work, applicable ideas and even a measure of success. But anything less than exceedingly successful achievement is unacceptable. Convergent1 represents the “convergence” of all aspects of effective marketing and advertising.

Before you make any decision, let us meet with you and present more insight into the latest and most suitable marketing and advertising solutions used by companies throughout North America.

Convergent1 really does create marketing solutions that improve business performance.

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