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logo design and branding services from Convergent1 in Houston TXWhether it’s planned, or it just happens, every company has a brand or logo design. However, once you begin to approach marketing planning in an organized fashion, it’s a good idea to have a solid idea about what your brand means to the market. Effective branding and logo design takes discipline. Everything you do and say affects how your brand is perceived by the people who matter to your business. We believe in continually adding equity to your brand in everything we do. That means the more powerful our ideas, the more targeted our messaging and the more consistency we can add to your programs – the more we can deliver added value of your brand.

Convergent1 has helped several companies in their efforts to re-evaluate their logo design and brand from both internal and external perspectives. A seismic company developed a naming convention for various services they provided their clients. The name grew out of the department that was generating the reports for the clients and there was no meaningful significance to the name. After designing and analyzing customer research we were able to ascertain significant gaps in the market and add meaning and relevance to the name.

Another example involved an oil field services company that felt it’s positioning in the marketplace was somehow missing the mark with its target audience. We applied customer satisfaction research that told us our client focused too much on their own technical advances without showing how that would benefit the user. We developed logo design and branding strategies that spoke more to the end user while making sure technical material made the link between features and benefits.

Convergent1 has also helped companies identify themselves before they ever get off the ground with effective logo design. By evaluating market research and understanding the market through in-depth interviews we were able to develop a strong brand and position in the market from which to launch.


You can view more examples of our logo design here.

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