Event Graphics

Professional and successful event graphics are based on understanding the purpose of your event and the goals you intend to achieve from having the event.

Convergent1 event graphic services include consultation, design, production and presentation.

Event graphics are used to get a message out to large numbers of people at once, both before and during a convention, corporate conference, grand-opening, specialized meeting, tradeshow or a gala event such as an awards ceremony, monster truck rally or red-carpet movie premiere.

Temporary graphics can often be the perfect solution for branding a rental space. Sometimes you only have the floors, walls, or windows to work with; so, you really need some custom logo solutions up your sleeve. But, they all have to look good and convey your message clearly.

Full color digitally printed graphics not only must look good at the initial glance; but, they must address what people want to know and would be most likely to read.

Special event graphics may include:

  • Back-lit graphics
  • Banner stands
  • Banners
  • Custom Foam Shapes
  • Direct Applied Full Color Vinyl
  • Flat panel displays
  • Fliers
  • Full color murals
  • Graphics on Plexiglas
  • Infographics
  • Invitations
  • Other printed material
  • Over-sized banners
  • Pop up displays
  • Posters
  • Programs
  • Replacement graphics for pop-up exhibits
  • Specialized event signage
  • Table top displays

The displays can vary tremendously in size, cost and complexity. It is essential that the right ones are chosen and that they are all designed to visually represent a specific interest of the company.

Event graphics tend to utilize images to attract attention; so, they are generally bold. And, they also utilize catch phrases and logos (established or newly created for the event) in order to attract visitors whether it is to attend a show, hear a sales pitch or take some brochures.

You want the right types of event graphics designed to your exact needs and specifications so that your message is taken in and taken away by your donors, sponsors and guests.

Special event graphics may be displayed in a variety of settings:

  • Billboards
  • Exhibits
  • Indoors
  • On ceilings, floors and walls
  • Outdoors
  • Static cling material
  • Subtle settings
  • Table-top displays
  • Vehicle wraps

Whether you are seeking custom logo graphics for temporary solutions or complete project management and logistics, your event graphics will be moved from concept to proofing to installation by Convergent1.

We are masters of combining traditional marketing (like event graphics on walls) with current digital technology (like infographics) in our B2B NextGen Marketing.

Convergent1 infographics in this digital world of ours can be a potent tool in marketing as they gain attention quickly, enlighten and inspire. We develop infographics with a combination of logic and creativity designed to convey your message clearly and quickly, encouraging the viewer to want to learn more about your message, your business and your event.

Anything worth doing is worth doing well which is why clients turn to Convergent1 time and time again.

Convergent1 will make sure you look good to strangers just learning about your event, guests arriving for your event, your clients on the show floor and your sponsors.

Additionally, your competitors will notice you too!

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