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What is Browser Retargeting/Remarketing?

A hot and essential component of a balanced digital marketing strategy is retargeting. Retargeting is also referred to as remarketing by Google and is now part of the digital marketing mainstay. Retargeting is the art of using technology to strategically serving ads to potential customers based on their prior engagement with a website. It is capturing an ip address or internet surfing behavior and tactically trying to entice the visitor and capitalize on their interest. This technology can be utilized not only to strategically send ads to an ip address based on a website visit, but can also be applied to strategically send ads to an ip address based on searches, emails, and CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Remarketing or retargeting that is site-based shows advertisements to those who have previously visited your website. The strategically crafted ads will be shown on a variety of sites that the previous visitor goes to, keeping your brand in front of your bounced site visitors in an attempt to bring them back.  Simply put, site-based retargeting uses cookies within the parameters of industry best practices. Through the use of a few lines of code set to automatically implement, your retargeting advertisement campaign is allowed to stay in front of those who have previously visited your site. The cookie is a very small file serving the purpose of storing information regarding the site visit, but not store any sensitive info (i.e. visitor’s name, address, etc.).


After a visitor leaves your website and goes to another website (immediately as well as at a later time), the process of retargeting unfolds. When there is available ad space, your retargeting ad launches an automated bid on that particular space in real-time. In cases where you are the highest bidder, you secure that particular advertising space within a fraction of a second (before the page even loads).

Retargeting is highly popular for use by ecommerce companies because it has proven to be highly effective in bringing back bounced visitor traffic and reversing shopping cart abandonment.


Ecommerce businesses are not the only ones loving this technology and reaping its benefits. B2B companies are also a match for this technology and strategy because it has shown to be a vital aid to them for maintaining leads during longer purchase cycles. This also applies to schools during enrollment periods, non-profit organization for donations, and recruiters for qualified applicants. There are certainly many more applications from many sectors of business.

Retargeting can be highly effective as one of the marketing tools to maximize your Internet Presence and increase your business performance. People who have already shown an interest in your products and/or services are targeting with friendly and convincing reminders. Yes, it’s fairly easy to set up and launch when carefully planned; but, it’s also easy to make mistakes that can be harmful.

Convergent1 can help you understand the right strategies to meet your goals and help you implement the right construction of all your advertising campaigns.


Retargeting Strategy Details


Landing pages and lead capture forms are great methods of obtaining qualified leads. Not everyone decides who to do business with quickly. Retargeting can be highly successful to keep your brand in the forefront of the minds of those leads while they go through their consideration or evaluation process.

Whether in a B2B sales cycle which tend to be longer than B2C sales transactions or in a market where a decision may have to be made quickly, retargeting ads can radically expand your internet presence. By helping your visibility online appear as large as or larger than any competitor (even a larger competitor), Convergent1 helps you utilize advertising to keep your company in the here and now by nurturing existing leads.


Dynamic Remarketing (or dynamic retargeting) is a powerful behavioral remarketing advertising related technique offered by Google.

Very highly customized display ads, operating as the product of cookie-technology, provide a way to project personalized advertisements based on a combination of past engagement activities of the user.

Varied advertisements are shown based on considerations of geographical location, items left in a shopping cart, past purchases and products that were viewed only.

Google has blown their own trumpet to the tune that retail clients have achieved click-through rates of 450% higher than what they have been without dynamic remarketing.


AdWords remarketing can further add fuel to the fire through customization and flexibility of effective campaign delivery.

You can then adjust your bids based on performance (which MUST be properly and steadily monitored and analyzed) and adjust where your ads are shown based on where they perform the best.


There are many more strategies and details. Businesses need the right combination of advertising campaign techniques constructed and launched in the proper manner. Convergent1 has those NexGen Marketing winning solutions which always follow best practices in consideration of user privacy.

Targeting an already known-to-be interested audience is a very good strategy to improve your overall ROI for advertising.


Visibility of your Internet Presence is enhanced by the successful strategies of Convergent1 NexGen Marketing professionals. Mission accomplished: business performance increased.

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