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Convergent1 is a Results Driven Company: Ambitious, Skilled and Successful

Convergent1 Staff are a team of professionals who build internet solutions that improve business performance such as improved and sustained search rank position, beautifully designed user-friendly websites with effective calls-to-action that are easy to navigate, high quality video production, and unsurpassed original and relevant content for all possible venues.

Benjamin Scardello: President & CEO

Ben Scardello started Scardello and Associates in 2001, but it wasn’t until 2009 that he broke away from corporate America completely. His career includes professional associations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small start-up companies. All of these experiences led him to Scardello and Associates. His plan was to have a small team of highly dedicated specialists serving the internet advertising and marketing requirements of his clients. He achieved great results for his early clients, so the company began to emerge. As more quality clients came to Scardello and Associates, he began considering a change in the company’s name. He wanted something that would more clearly define what the company does for its clients. In 2012, the company changed its name to Strategic Advisors for the Internet (SA4i) and then in 2013 (upon acquiring Barrett Proctor) established Convergent1 as the company’s name and brand. Convergent1 is headquartered Houston Texas which serves as the primary office of the company. The Convergent1 team includes graphic designers, programmers, internet marketing specialists, content writers and SEO experts. In 2011, along with Scott Deloach, the company began developing online, subscription based, business tools designed to improve the business performance of clients. They developed a suite of low cost, but powerful tools called, “The Copia Suite”. The word “Copia” is a derivative taken from “Cornucopia”, the horn of plenty. Each Copia application is designed to provide results greater than what’s occurring or that would be expected. As the company puts, each Copia application delivers plentiful results. The company has a single objective: “Our focus is to consistently create, manage and measure marketing solutions that improve business performance”.

Jason Hamilton: Vice President, Chief Operations Officer

Jason Hamilton is a brand and marketing strategist with a “growth mindset” and a passion for E3: Educating clients and leadership on what is needed for growth and advancement, Equipping them with the tools needed to accomplish their vision or goal(s) and Empowering them to make sound business decisions throughout the strategy process. In addition to Jason’s skills in marketing, Jason is also a former U.S. Navy Corpsman with the Marine Infantry Unit and served during the Gulf War.

Kim Cosco: Vice President, Marketing Technologies

Kim Cosco joined Convergent1 with a consulting background in eCommerce marketing and sales where he has proven himself to be a team-builder, with many significant achievements.

Scott DeLoach: Chief Information Officer

Scott DeLoach joined Convergent1 in August of 2011. He is our software engineer and oversees all of our software development, which includes websites, applications, database and infrastructure. Scott holds a Masters in Computer Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology and worked as a software engineer with Bell Laboratories for 18 years prior to joining Convergent1. Scott’s philosophy when it comes to solving technology issues is “anything can be done when it comes to software programming”.

Adam Saleh: Director, Digital Marketing

Adam is an experienced WordPress Developer that enjoys solving problems. His diversified specialities include WordPress responsive theme development, HTML5, CSS3, and PHP, to name a few. His favorite creative applications are Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. He loves multimedia projects that combine web, video and other digital mediums. During his free time, he likes to keep learning to keep up his creative and web development skills. He earned his Degree of Bachelor of Science in Digital Media at the University of Houston.

Jonna Miller: Graphic Designer

The newest addition to Convergent1, Jonna is a graphic designer with fresh ideas from the latest in modern design trends. Her experience includes working in a graphic design firm and freelancing, as well as training in typography, advertising, journalism and the latest in design software. Her favorite things to create are logos and vector illustrations, finding her forte in Adobe Illustrator. Jonna enjoys weightlifting and jogging, and spends her free time drawing and playing piano.

Greg Silter: Video Production, Lighthouse Productions

Greg has been a videographer for over 15 years and has won over 25 National Awards. Greg is dedicated to bringing award winning video productions for the small business owner to the large worldwide corporations. Greg has done video work for Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Toyota, BMW, Diabetes Centers of America, J. Ray McDermott and more. Greg specializes in bringing a personal touch with a true commitment to all your video production needs. Contact us at SA4i for your video needs and we will put Greg on your project!

Matt McLeod: Video Production, Hyzer Studios

Matt McLeod is the owner of Hyzer Studios and produces various video production services. Matt’s clients include the NBA, ESPN, NHL, Encore, Rice University and Academy Sports to name a few. His specialty includes HD motion graphics and animation.

Gaylon Wampler: Photographer

Colorado-based photographer Gaylon Wampler specializes in oil & gas photography and travels worldwide for a wide range of clients. In addition to Gaylon’s industrial photography, he works with relief, aid and Christian organizations helping to bring to light to those in need. Whether photographing the wake of a tsunami in Indonesia, or the spudding of a new well in North Dakota, Gaylon seeks out the beauty, drama and human condition in his subjects to tell the story in a concise and artful manner. Gaylon’s background is in photojournalism where he photographed for the Houston Post, the New York Times, Denver Post and the Associated Press and many others.

Hung L. Truong: Photographer

Hung L. Truong, photographer, services the greater Houston area, and specializes in wedding, portrait, sport, and event photography. Hung is hard-of-hearing which means that he can hear and speak, but not perfectly. Hung first began using a SLR camera when he was about eight or nine years old and as a result, fell in love with photography. He began to hone in on his craft by shooting with a DSLR camera in January 2009; he quickly picked up working with his new camera which was completely self-taught. Hung began his career doing volunteer work with the City of Houston for Mayor Annise Parker capturing pictures for the Houston Roller Derby in 2011. His work was featured in the Houston Press with the Mayor (http://blogs.houstonpress.com/hairballs/2012/06/annise_parker_roller_derby.php). Hung graduated from University of Houston-Downtown with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. He has studied the works of Scott Kelby, Joe McNally, Will Crockett, Neil van Niekerk, Jerry Ghionis, and many other famous photographers. Hung was born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He relocated to the United States in 1997. His hobbies are playing tennis, chess, sudoku, and video games. He was the Chess Tournament Champion at Jersey Village High School in the fall of 1998.

Greg Orlean: Business Development Consultant

Greg started his career in 1999 working in the financial services industry for Securities America as a registered investment advisor helping professionals and business owners develop a road map to their financial freedom. In early 2006, Wachovia bank aggressively entered the Texas market and Greg migrated to the banking industry to broaden his skills and continue building his client relationships. In 2009, an opportunity from Green bank allowed him again to elevate his experience and career into a vice president role in the business banking division which he left in August of 2013 to pursue a business venture in digital technology with Convergent1. Greg earned his B.B.S. marketing degree from the University of Phoenix in 2009 and currently lives in the Katy area with his wife Jessica and their two young children.

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