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Convergent1: Internet Solutions That Improve Business Performance

Formed by the strategic convergence of two powerful and proven corporate marketing development approaches, Convergent1 has the decisive edge in providing Internet Presence Management solutions that improve business performance through online marketing analysis, website development and reputation management of our clients’ digital assets.

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Resulting from the ultimate cohesion of SA4i (Strategic Advisors for the Internet, a consistent leader in the development and application of online marketing technologies for its clients) and Barrett Proctor (an award winning marketing and advertising firm well known for its innovative approach to traditional marketing), Convergent1 is the emerging Internet Presence Management (IPM) leader.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Convergent1 optimizes and manages the Internet Presence (IP) of its clients and utilizes it to play a central role in online marketing and traditional advertising efforts.

Over two decades of extremely successful methodologies perfected by SA4i and Barrett Proctor are being provided to clients through our premier B2B Next Gen Services, such as IPM. Exclusively offered by Convergent1, our B2B Next Gen marketing services are a unique convergence of core competencies that represent proven performance based on proprietary processes of engagement.

At Convergent1, we bridge the gap between digital and traditional marketing strategies for our clients by assuring there is one consistent voice across the full spectrum of branding platforms. We enable our clients to better identify their business goals. Then we enable them to reach their target markets more directly and efficiently than they ever dreamed possible.

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We are a diverse team of professionals who have a history of consistently performing optimally in our fields by setting standards, meeting standards and surpassing standards.

Just take a look at who we are and where we come from to learn what talents we bring to the table…

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