5 Awesome Blogs About WordPress

5 Awesome Blogs About WordPress

When it comes to building websites and blogs there is no better platform in the world than WordPress. With every new version it just gets better and better and its capabilities continue to expand. As a result of all that power and functionality there is no shortage of new tips and tricks to learn. No matter how much you think you know there is always someone who knows a little bit more. Here are 5 blogs about WordPress that I read on a regular basis. These are not the only ones I read nor are they the best, just a few of my favorites.

Digging into WordPress

Digging into wordpress 5 Awesome Blogs About WordPress

This blog is run by WordPress experts Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr. It’s been around for many years and is a great resource for technical coding advice, plugin recommendations and WordPress news of all kinds.

Lorelle on WordPress

Lorelle on wordpress 5 Awesome Blogs About WordPress

Lorelle on WordPress has been around about as long as WordPress itself. Lorelle has a vast amount of knowledge about WordPress going back to the beginning. This is a great site for experts as well as WordPress newbies.


WPMU ORG 5 Awesome Blogs About WordPress

This is another great WordPress resource for news and plugin advice. They are probably best known for their tips and tutorials related to BuddyPress.


WPBeginner blog 5 Awesome Blogs About WordPress

The name pretty much says it all. If you’re a WordPress newbie this should be one of the first blogs you read. They have a ton of great tutorials that are easy to understand and follow.


WPCandy blog 5 Awesome Blogs About WordPress

This is one of my favorite resources when it comes to WordPress themes and plugins. They write reviews on the latest themes and plugins that are very helpful.


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