How To Format Google+ Posts For More Attention

How To Format Google+ Posts For More Attention


Google+ is a very powerful tool for marketers. The level of post engagement you can get on Google+ far exceeds that of Facebook unless you’re willing to pay for it. Facebook wants you to buy engagement through Sponsored Posts. Google+ doesn’t do that and because it’s part of the Google ecosystem of services there are multiple opportunities for engagement. You may have also noticed that Google+ posts often show up in Google search results.

Like with anything the key to getting noticed is to stand out. The more noticeable you make your Google+ posts the more likely people are to engage with them. The secret to this is post formatting. Unlike Facebook, Google+ allows you to customize the format of your posts — provided you know the cheats! You can make text bold, italic, strikethrough or mix and match. It’s also easy to do numbered lists and bullet lists as well. Use the guide below.

Google+ Formatting cheat sheet

Italic:  _your text_

Bold:  *your text*

Strikethrough:  -your text-

Numbered List:  *1.* your text


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