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Powerful Websites

online-marketing-website-design-services Your Internet Presence Begins with Your Business Website

A superior web design is the first step in website development. Your business website must instantly attract your visitor’s attention and hold it. They must be captivated by design that is engaging and full of easily discernible, valuable information. It should give them reason to stay for longer than a glance without wasting a second of their time. Superior web design must always be current and fresh, and is the first phase in developing a website that does much more than look good.


Mobile Web Design and App Adaptation

mobile adaptationYour Internet Presence: No One Venue Has the Lone Key or Answer
Mobile web design and App adaptation is just one of the variety of venues that contribute to your Internet Presence, and is a crucial ingredient in your online marketing strategy. While there is no single solution for each aspect of digital business development, the collective strategies of all appearances of your business online make up your comprehensive Internet Presence. Each component is a noteworthy contributor, including cross platform functionality and mobile APP development, which are both services provided by Convergent1, headquartered in Houston, TX. These days, it’s more than likely that visitors will find your site via their smartphone or mobile device. Any statistic on the market will show you the rise in mobile users over the past five years, and leaving this avenue unchecked in your online marketing strategy is a critical shortcoming.


Online Marketing

online marketingYour Online Marketing Campaigns Should Go Beyond Just Pushing Ads Out
Online Marketing Ads are an important part of the marketing strategy, just as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media are. The key is building a community of individuals who are in tune with your message. You have to:

  • Engage & Interact with them
  • Listen & Understand their concerns
  • Analyze their needs and wants

Then, your partnership with Convergent1’s IPM strategies begins the cycle again.


What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

online reputationYour Internet Presence: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You
It is extremely important in your Internet Presence Management to understand that what you don’t know can cost you valuable opportunities, and what you do know but do nothing about is just as bad. An essential part of the Convergent1 business performance improvement services includes online reputation management. Whether referred to as Business Reputation Management, Digital Reputation Management, Internet Reputation Management, Online Reputation Management, Search Engine Reputation Management or Web Reputation Management – Convergent1 has the reputation solution for you.


Strategies for Effective Video Productions

video productionA good online marketing company will consider multi-faceted internet marketing strategies. Website video production is one essential component of your Internet Presence and online marketing strategies that your consultant should discuss with you. There are a wide range of even further website video production techniques that can be used as web videos or in other online marketing venues:

  • Case Study Videos
  • Event / Exhibition Videos
  • Foreign Language Videos
  • Product Demo Videos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Training Videos
  • Viral Videos
  • Website Videos

Internet Analytics

internet-analytics-convergent1-houston-txThe internet, and any associated technology, makes it possible to track, plan, measure and analyze information in ways we couldn’t just a few years ago. Convergent1 offers clients a wide range of industry leading web analytic technologies designed to improve online internet presence. All clients benefit from our Google Analytics, Track Copia and C1 Web audit tools. We develop key data indicators for each client’s unique online presence needs. We audit, track, measure and interpret critical metrics to improve internet marketing effectiveness, search engine optimization and visitor conversion activity. The suite of analytic tools we use reveals important data…


Public Relations

public relationsConvergent1 Digital Press Release Distribution Services: Online PR Marketing
Convergent1 has a massive press release network of news sites on the Internet, including major newspapers and TV stations, where we can make your PR available for publication.

Convergent1 Digital Press Release Writing Services: Expert Editors and Writers
Our expert press release editors and writers are available to help you with your content. When you need quality content done right and in a timely manner, our team can get your press release polished and ready to go within a two business day turnaround. We’ll help you write your release so that it’s targeted and professional.


Marketing Collateral for Offline Marketing

Professional, Relevant and Strategic Marketing Materials
Marketing collateral for offline marketing, with the proper design, will let current and potential clients know that your business is the one they want to contact. Even in today’s digital media society, there is still a need for printed materials regarding your business products and services. It’s absolutely essential to your branding and your marketing strategies. The design must capture interest while effectively conveying your message. Furthermore, face to face business interactions are far from gone. Marketing collateral can be very important to aid sales of products or services in person, after the meeting has ended, when something is printed off the Internet or picked up at a business conference, etc.



advertisingAdvertising, whether online or offline, must deliver a message that reinforces your value proposition, creates a favorable impression and prompts a response. There’s more to advertising than just regular headlines, content and graphics. At Convergent1 we address advertising from both the creative and the practical perspective. We delve deep into the process of placement and measurement because where you run is just as important as what you run – from print to digital.


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